Constant memory confusion

The CUDA programming guide mentions the amount of Constant Memory for 1.x and 2.x CC is 64K. The PTX mentions that there are eleven 64K banks of Constant Memory. This is from the PTX manual:

" The constant (.const) state space is a read-only memory, initialized by the host. The constant
memory is organized into fixed size banks. For the current devices, there are eleven 64KB
banks. Banks are specified using the .const[bank] modifier, where bank ranges from 0 to 10.
If no bank number is given, bank zero is used.
By convention, bank zero is used for all statically-sized constant variables. The remaining
banks may be used to implement “incomplete” constant arrays (in C, for example), where
the size is not known at compile time. "

Does this mean that constant variables can only reside on bank zero and regular constant variables reside in the remaining 10 banks?

Constant values that you declare in CUDA itself are always in bank 0, that’s the only bank that constants will be put in automatically.