constant memory with pointer * declaration

Hi pros,

I want to copy a big 512 cubic volume to constant memory.

Is there any declaration like:
constant float* volume;

possible? From the programming guide I know that volume has to be of a certain size which I have to set before. But my volume is to big to fit into the constant memory. So I thought about
declaring it with a pointer and the values are copied to the constant memory when needed.

Without success. It says: invalid argument.

Is the texture memory (which is cached, too) the only alternative solution to my problem?

Thank you,
bye moe4life

if your array is too big to fit the constant memory, why don’t you malloc it in global memory?

I don’t want to malloc it in global memory since I want to optimize the execution time of my algorithm. So I tried to use the cached high bandwidth supported constant memory . But without success.

But you should know the constant memory is quite limited. Are you sure that it is enough?