Constant reboot suddenly occurred when a Xavier communicates with MCU via I2C bus.

Hi I’m Sunwoong Choi, a researcher at the robotics lab.

We bought a Jetson AGX Xavier about 5 months ago.

When the Xavier communicated with MCU via I2C bus, the Xavier suddenly shut down and rebooted infinitely.

After that, I tried to reinstall OS using ‘xavier developer kit’ but the same problem remained unsolved.

There is no solution to boot up the Xavier until now.

My question is

  1. How to reinstall OS in the Xavier in this situation?

  2. Is there possible for hardware, such as RAM, to be broken down when Xavier communicates with MCU via I2C bus?

Thank you.

Hello Sunwoong Choi,

     You can flash fresh OS in Xavier through <b>SDK Manager</b> provided bt Nvidia which gets the latest Ubuntu OS and Nvidia Components to your board from a development PC. Have a look at the below link and Documents in the link to flash your Jetson Xavier board. Note: Flashing will completely erase the board's data and installs a fresh Ubuntu OS in your board.

You can download the SDK manager from

For your second question, An MCU in I2C may not impact RAM, but can interfere with other i2c devices in that particular i2c bus, which may cause boot failure in the worst case.