Constrain Camera to Defined Area and Disable Object Select/Pickup

As the topic says, is it possible to define a region (in either Create or Create XR) that a camera (person wearing an HMD) CANNOT move out of? Exactly like the default “Home” scene in Steam VR where the person cannot jump outside of or move past the defined area in a scene (which becomes highlighted in some way). This limitation must occur vertically as well (to prevent people from moving below my ground mesh using the left controller joystick).

Also, how do I disable the selection and pickup of objects in VR? My scene has no physics whatsoever. Is such required to accomplish this? If so, a basic tutorial would be then needed.

Hello @DeanScott! I did not see these features in our documents so I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

Hello @DeanScott , although most of the XR interaction logic is in python and accessible to you today, we still don’t have an official SDK to support turning tools on and off and constraining navigation. We’re working on scripting utilities to enable these behaviors in Omnigraph and python. Watch this space for updates.

Hi, is there any update on that? I am trying out the Tablet AR extension and being able to set up the movement constraints would be really handy