Constrain mouse movements to window area

Hi guys!
Please advice me how to make mouse cursor movements to the left half of screen.
So I have 19201080 X screen split by two same windows 8101080 and I want to limit mouse motion to the left window. Use nvidia 304.64 driver.
Thanx in advance

read this ( ) and attach the log ( rename it as JPG and say it )

I don’t understand Licaon_Kter what do you want to say?
It’s not a bug I simply ask how to make it in X11.

The display driver isn’t responsible for controlling where the mouse can and can’t go. Newer X servers have a feature called “pointer barriers” that lets you configure that. See section 12 here:

Unfortunately, that interface is more designed for programmers and I don’t think there’s a convenient utility to configure it yet. I would suggest asking on the mailing list.