Constraint not working in Audio2Face

I have an animation with transform constraint (Animation Constraints — Omniverse Extensions documentation) applied in Machinima and all is working well. However when I imported the animation to Audio2Face, the constraint is not working. It’s a head with a cap constraint to it. Is constraint supported? I tried enabling the extensions and no help either.

Hello @qazs! I think that constraints are only working in Machinima right now. I am going to send this over to the team to investigate!

A development ticket was created from this post. OM-75449: Constraint not working in Audio2Face

Hi @qazs Yes Constraints are currently only supported in Machinima. We have a more robust set of constraint tools in development that will be in a future release of Create and may support constraints in A2F at that time also.

If loading the constraint extension from the extension manager is failing - It’s likely due to variations in kit versions from Machinima where constraints are supported to A2F where they are not.

Soon - Machinima 2022.3 will be release on kit 104.1 A2F 2022.2 will also be release on kit 104.1 In my current test build Constraints are working in A2F 2022.2. I can’t guarantee this will be the case when we release but You might have more success with these versions.