Consultation needed

Dear NVIDIA Community,

I’m currently working on developing an Extended Reality (XR) solution that integrates conversational AI (similar to inworld/convai, but with some additional enterprise-specific requirements). I believe NVIDIA’s advanced solutions might offer the functionality and resources needed to accomplish this goal, however, I’m seeking expert insights to better understand the possibilities.

I’m particularly interested in understanding whether NVIDIA’s technologies would support the seamless integration of conversational AI into an XR environment (HL2, Oculus Quest 2, desktop) and would appreciate if someone could guide me on the following:

  1. Are NVIDIA’s current technologies capable of supporting this type of project?
  2. What specific NVIDIA resources would you recommend for such a task?
  3. Are there any potential limitations or challenges that I should anticipate?

I am also open to having a detailed discussion to plan out the solution and would appreciate connecting with an expert in this field. Any guidance or direction towards available resources or individuals specializing in AI and XR integrations would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your valuable responses.