Container riva-speech-client:2.1.0-samples not accessible


when working through “Virtual Assistant” implemention, there is a section where you have to pull and run docker container riva-speech-client:2.1.0-samples

However, when pulling this container, I get error message:

Error response from daemon: manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

I am unable to find this container elsewhere. I noticed that this is an ongoing issue for the past month, according to this topic on this forum: Manifest unknown for riva-speech-client:2.0.0-samples - #3 by sumitgupta4

Any chance of fixing this?

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Hi @otrubakarel ,
I have had the same problem for some time, the last release note that refers to the RIVA samples is v1.10, which actually refers to the use of v1.8 samples.
I hope it helps you and can guide you until the v2.X samples are updated.

HI @otrubakarel

Thanks for your Interest in Riva,

Apologies from our end,

Currently the riva-speech-client:2.1.0-samples is unavailable/undergoing changes, I will soon update you the timeline for its availability

Thanks @leortiz for your valuable inputs, Much Appreciated

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