Content browser doesn't always update files

I have an issue here where I just exported a new .step file from Fusion360, it’s definitely on my desktop, I can see it but it’s not visible in my content browser, I have to create a new project in order to make it visible in the content browser so there must be some kind of refresh issue somewhere ?

Hi @HansVanEven! There a couple of things we can try here if you are using Create 2022.1.3:

One is to try refreshing your desktop by right-clicking on the Desktop in the Content Browser and selecting “Refresh”.


You can also try check your Content Browser Options by clicking on the hamburger menu and seeing if “Hide Unknown File Types” is not selected.

Also, another option, have you tried setting up a local host nucleus server and adding your files there?

Let me know if this helped or if you are still seeing this issue!

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Thanks Wendy will check that out, yes I now use the Local Nucleus server since yesterday, I watched a few tutorials on this and how to organise files there, still tons of things to learn but I’m getting there :)