Contents of loop failing to translate/compile/run?

Good to know. I think I’m missing something you’re saying about Nprove though. I’ve added the explicit initialization to the code before the skipped loop but I can’t get past the “going no further than here” which is before the “something funny” message that you’re getting. I don’t see how any of the code I removed for the example I sent would cause that though. since it’s all before the loop.

I’ve included a version with nothing cut out, but the problem is presumably in the same place (lines 494 to 734 seemingly being ignored).

CRAFT_CUDA_2-10-23.f90 (40.8 KB)
Evolution.dat (124 Bytes)
Init.dat (74 Bytes)

What should I be looking for?

My output with the new version seems to be past this point, at least from the print statements:

csic:csic0 1    7.9170265026944440E-003   8.2120207095108776E-003
 csic:csic0   8.2120207095108776E-003   8.2120207095108776E-003
 in loop
 going no farther than here
 in here
 enter grad
 in here now
  next step
 stopped here?
 how about this?
 are we here?
 something funny is happening here
,,, lots more of these ..
 I don't get this
 csic:csic0 1    7.9156813984038368E-003   8.2120207095108776E-003
 csic:csic0   8.2120207095108776E-003   8.2120207095108776E-003
 no error
 Made it to the end
 GPU runtime(sec)= 6.758E+01  minutes= 1.126E+00

 Run time(sec)= 6.758E+01  minutes= 1.126E+00

Something is weird then. I am very much not getting that. How are you compiling it?
That is the correct output, so good thing someone can get it.

I’ve compiled it with both “-fast” and “-O0” in case there was something off with the optimization level, but no difference. Also tried various compiler versions, 20.9 and 23.1, but again no difference.

I am using an A100 but just jumped on to a system with a Quadro RTX 6000 to match yours. Ran with both 20.9 and 23.1, and again no difference.

Sorry, but I’m not sure what’s going on with your system.

Don’t apologise, this is all very useful information. From the looks of it, since it’s reaching the end on your machine I’ll assume it runs on a normal and mine is abnormal. I’ll keep poking around on my end.

I appreciate you gentlemen joining me on this little adventure.

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