Context Switching Overload

I ran an Nsight-Systems GPU context trace during a game on a troublesome system powered by a 2070 Super.
The report showed that during the 10 second duration of the test there were 4964 context switches performed by the GPU. There were no context switches under 100us, only two below 300us, more than 50% were above 1ms and ~40% were 2ms or greater with the longest context switch taking over 16ms to complete.

The amount and duration of these context switches seems like a problem to me and I need to know if this is indeed indicative of a problem and how to proceed with attempting to improve this system’s performance. I have attached an Nvidia bug report and the Nsight-Systems report. Thank you for your help :)

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (520.9 KB)
nsightreport.gz (115.7 KB)