Continous joint limit issue

I loaded kinova jaco arm into isaac gym, and then I found that when the joint is continous, the upper and lower limit would be a huge number like 3.4028235e+38.

However, if I changed the joint to be revolute, the limit numbers becomed normal like 6.28.

Hi @floodsung,

Can you clarify what was an issue? It looks like an expected behaviour - continuous joints don’t have limits, this value 3.4028235e+38 is the default value automatically set in the joint properties, but as continuous joints don’t have limits it doesn’t mean anything. When you switch to the revolute joint, they now have limits and if you manually don’t provide and set them, lower and upper limits would be set to the default values - the largest allowed limits for the revolute joints which are (-2pi, 2pi) and that was exactly what you observed.

OK, thank you