Continued support for 260-pin SBCs

This is a general discussion topic, where Im interested to know specifically from NVIDIA but also the community about the 260-pin interface and form-factor we’ve seen from Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX.

So first, WOW. The Spec of Jetson Xavier NX looks amazing. The price-point is pretty high though. I’ve developed custom motherboards which support the 260-pin Jetson Nano interface. My questions in regard to this range of products are as follows:

  • Will there be continued support from future Jetson products for this 260-pin interface and form factor?
  • What is the anticipated backwards-compatibility for the interface?
  • Will the higher-spec boards get cheaper?

As some general feedback, I’d like to say that I think the common interface is a great idea! It means that board manufacturers like myself can easily switch out the SBCs for improved versions with different capabilities. My main concern is the backward compatibility factor and pricing.

Any feedback from NVIDIA or the community also welcome. What are other’s thoughts on this?


Yes, we plan to continue developing products with the 260 pin connector and will try to preserve compatibility as we have done with NX and nano.

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Any comments on pricing?

NVIDIA look to re-use the form factor where possible in future products. However due to specification changes and functionality differences it may not be possible to remain 100% compatible between devices. No more info of pricing by now.

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