Continuous integration and deployment/delivery in Jetson Xavier


In our project, we are using a Jetson Xavier as the target system. We have both Java code and C++ code and setup files that have to be packaged and deployed.

  1. Is there any documentation on how to setup CI-CD for Jetson Xavier board? I found many CI-CD tutorials for other target systems, but not specifically for Jetson board.
  2. Specifically for our situation, are there any specific guidelines for packaging and deploying heterogenic code?

OS: Ubuntu 18.04. Please let me know if you need any other information.


hello user78354,

could you please share the real use-case of the deployment,
is it related to flashing Jetson devices efficiently in a factory environment, Flashing to Multiple Jetson Devices.
or, is it related to Debian packages which can achieve by Over-the-Air (OTA) Update.

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for replying. I have gone through the links you have shared. As of now, we are not looking at the factory scenario. Since we have C++ and Java code, I am not sure how deploying a Debian package would help.

Our project is in development and eventually we are planning to use CI-CD to deploy our custom (C++ and Java) code on a few Jetson Xavier devices over the network. However, these devices are not setup yet.

For now, we want to set up a CI-CD pipeline involving C++ and Java code where the code can be pulled from code repository (GitHub/Lab), compile and deploy the code on a SINGLE Jetson Xavier target system (our test environment). Hence, I am looking for a reasonably straightforward how-to document (or list of steps) to setup the above. Later, this may be extended to multiple (not more than 20) target systems.

Again, thanks for your time. I would really appreciate any pointers you can give. Have a good day!

there’s a Python library that enables the use of Jetson GPIO, you may take a look for reference, and creating your own use-case.

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