Control camera height in VR

Is there a way to control camera height once we are in VR ? whenever I attempted to visualize a car for example in Omniverse XR we get proportion issues, where the car seems much smaller than reality because of our height in the scene, so I was wondering if we could control that better in the app?
I tried putting the perspective camera in the right height for example before going into VR, and remain standing while having the headset, but the issue still comes back for some reason once we move around.

You can navigate the scene with your controllers.

If you “tilt” your left controller up and move the thumb stick down, you’ll move down.

If you straighten your left controller and move the thumb stick you’ll navigate forward/backward.

The VR environment is dynamic. Once you’re in there, you can grab things, move, you can even “teleport” to other parts of your scene.

Try to load a sample - I liked the Warehouse sample, and use it to move into the scene.

I hope this helps.

  • Gustavo

Oh I did not know that we could hold the controller verically to move up and down ! I’ll try that, thanks !