Control of agc via v4l2src

We use an e-cam 30 CUNANO camera. The element in the pipeline we use is v4l2src and it works well. We would like to control agc, is it possible with this element?


What’s do you mean control agc?
Please give detail information to know the request.


We would like to dynamically set the gain of the camera. Dynamically means when the system goes up for the first time. Not every frame.

Need implement V4L2 APP for it. For gst-launch-1.0 command unable to set parameter at runtime.

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If, for example, we set this parameter with open-Cv. Will the gst-launch keep this parameter or will it override it?

Sorry for don’t understand your question.

Suppose we were able to set this parameter as we wanted with another tool. Will running the pipeline use the new value we set, or will it use the default value?

Should be run your setting if your pipeline set it correctlly.

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Thank you!

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