Control over ease in/out curve, please?

Hello! To make the camera movements smooth and professional, we need the camera target and I have created a topic for that wish already.

Now I would like to have a better control for camera´s ease in/out curves.
See this and you understand my need:

Check that 3rd camera keyframe. Even it is “Ease Out” it still JUMPS on to move. Here I would love to have some simple option like a curve editor or if that is too much then 1-5 different versions of Ease Out - you know “SUPER SLOW Ease Out” is what I eould need here to make it look nice.


Thanks for the feedback Pekka, we’re discussing some options on this. We have long term design plans for the camera animation tool including full curve editing but we haven’t finalized the roadmap for when we’ll get that in your hands.

In the short term, I agree that your video feels wrong considering the settings you have chosen.

ok this is good know, thank you Dane.