Control Relay and accept 24v digital sensor data using the GPIO on jetosn NX

I want to use industrial photo sensors and relays with the Jetson NX SOM with Avermedia NX-215 carrier board.
Similar to the dev kit, this also gives me 3.3v (very low current capable) GPIO without any inbuilt pull up/down. I have tried various different relay modules made for raspberry pi, but the current in the jetson’s gpio simply isn’t sufficient to drive 3 to 4 relay coils at a time.
For inputs I have been using a optocoupler circuit which seems to work with an additional pull-down circuit in between (to avoid floating input)

Is there a simpler way or a ready product that achieves this functionality for any of the Jetson (xavier NX/AGX)?

I desperately need input and output capability to complete my project.

Are there some components like level shift on the carrier board? Please check with vendor for that first, as level shift might has some requests on the load, similar to that of devkit as you can see in below docs.

its 3.3v on all pins. so there must be a level shifter from 1.8 but i am still facing this issue

I am looking for a solution in general for all my jetson installations and testbenches. It includes Nano, NX and AGX dev kits and mostly carrier boards from avermedia

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