Control servo motors using PCA9685 Exiting Cleaning up Pins

I am trying to control servo motors using a PCA9685 board using my new Jetson Nano. I carefully used the instructions I found in many blogs:
VCC on board to pin 1 (3.3 volt) on Jetson
GRD on board to GRD on Jetson next to pin 5
SDA on board to pin 3 on Jetson
SCL on board to pin 5 on Jetson
everything seems ok but when I run a simple python code to test if I can control the servos I get the following message:
“Exiting Cleaning up pins”.
I understand this is due to the fact that the pins might be blocked or occupied.
Txs for the help

May need to check the python code to know which pin issue the message.

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