Controller on base model TV will no longer sync after flashing device for dev mode

Had a chance to use the device for only a short time tonight and what I’m looking at now is the “Tap button to connect your controller” screen and not being able to bypass it.

Steps taken to try and get past it:

  1. Tap the button, it was solid green (I assume because it was paired with the device before)
  2. Held the button down until it flashed (I assumed this was pairing mode) and let that sit for 5 mins.

What I did before getting to that screen:

  1. Installed the OTA update for 1.1 on the home dashboard
  2. Installed the controllers OTA update on the home dashboard
  3. Followed instructions found here. (my .dtb is tegra210-foster-e-p2530-0930-e02-00.dtb)
  4. Did ``` fastboot reboot ```
  5. When I was on the controller screen doing nothing I did the hold power for 10 seconds reboot

Hopefully someone else has had this issue and can get me moving along again :)

I wanted to update my status.

I was able to get past the controller screen by plugging my controller in via the supplied USB cable. All fine and dandy, but after selecting my language and getting to the network section, I noticed that there wasn’t a list of any available wifi networks. I tried manually adding by SSID and that also didn’t work.

I plugged in a network cable and we were in business again!

It asked me to sign in with my google account, but the first time I did this (before putting the box into dev mode) I was on wifi and was super easy to just go to a location on my phone and have it setup just with a code that I put into my phone.

That didn’t work this time, and I had to manually type it all out. Fine.

Then I noticed the date was way off (showing May 25, 2015 and the time being 7 hours behind, even though my settings are set to PST) and the auto date setting isn’t working.

So after all of that, my guess is that for some reason the Bluetooth and Wifi modules (which I assume are on the same chip) are not being recognized by the OS.

After re-reading the pages again, there is a nice hidden little line that would’ve saved me a HUGE headache… “If your device OTA update was successful, you can skip to the First Boot section of the instructions.

That needs to be much much larger for the TV devs coming up, because the way the guide is written to get setup is a linear process.

Well now that I’m in this current state, am I screwed until a new OS image comes out? I need at least the wifi working (I can deal with having a controller plugged in for now)

Hooray this gets to be my last post (but I hope that it helps someone else).

So I thought I had nothing else to lose and decided to flash it again, but this time I used the included .bat file to automate the process (they really should just say to use it in the docs).

Anyways, all was well, the Wifi works, the controller works, and I even plugged in a USB keyboard to help with the e-mail address typing.

The keyboard was a mistake.

Once I had that in, there was a super ugly green bounding box on everything I was selecting. Not to mention that when I hit the nvidia button on the controller, it was acting like it was confirming instead of voice searching.

Reboots and removing the USB keyboard from the device didn’t help. So I got to re-flash it again, but the good news is that now it’s back to the way I received it and I can have another go at hacking with it tomorrow :)

Thanks, I’ll forward this to the dev team to see if it’s a known issue.