Controlling COMAU's e.DO Robot with Jetson TX2

Hello all,

Attached is a link to a simple project I’ve been working on for COMAU’s e.DO educational 6-axis robot ( for more info). The e.DO Manual Control package provides simple control of the e.DO robot through the Linux command line. I created this in order to control the e.DO from a NVIDIA Jetson TX2 with the goal of developing machine learning applications using the e.DO in the future. This ROS Package provides nearly all of the movement control featured in the e.DO Android Application including initialization/calibration, push-button jog control, and waypoint/move control. The package provides a good starting point to help users understand the message system that controls the e.DO robot which is important for developing additional programs to control e.DO. I hope this can be a helpful repository for anyone working with COMAU’s e.DO robot!

eDO_manual_ctrl GitHub Repository:

Nice! Thanks for sharing!
Looking forward to see more interesting robotics projects from you!