Controlling thruster usings esc which is conncted to jetson nano through pca9685

i am trying to activate blue robotics t200 thrusters with blue robotics basic esc which is connected to pca9685 module with ground and pwm signal wires. the pca9685 is connected to a 5 v power supply, 2 5v servo (which work perfectly) and the Jetson nano. i assumed that since both the servos and the esc controller works based on PWM signal it won’t be a problem to activate the thrusters the same way i activated the servo motors. looks like i was wrong. no matter what i do the motor won’t start. ive tried many different variations in the code but nothing made the thrusters work. the best i got was when the thruster started beeping non stop.
the is below. servo[15] represents the thrusters.

from adafruit_Servokit import servokit
import board
import busio
import time
import adafruit_pca9685

12c_bus0=(busio.I2C(board.SCL_1, board.SDA_1))
pca = adafruit_pca9685.PCA9685(i2c_bus0)
kit = servokit(channels=16, i2c=i2c_bus0)
sweep = range(0,180)
for degree in sweep:

sweep = range()
for degree in sweep:

hello ofek.reches,

are you using 40-pin expansion header? please check NVIDIA Jetson Nano J41 Header Pinout - JetsonHacks for the pin connections.
you may also configure the pin to change the usage as SFIO,
please check this similar topic for using PWM on Nano, Topic 178959.

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