Controlling USB 2.0 Power Output

I am using a Jetson Nano module in a custom design. My product has a USB A port connected to the Jetson USB pin data pins. By default, the port provides ~500 mA of current to a connected device. How can I increase that current? I am under the impression that something in the firmware will need to change to indicate to the downstream device that it can pull more current.

I am reading in the TRM that “Tegra X1 devices support battery charging charger detection capabilities and associated interrupt mechanisms that are compliant with USB Battery Charging specification version 1.2 with USB 2.0 controller #1”. This seems relevant. I believe I want to configure the Jetson for charging downstream port (CDP) mode of BC1.2.


Hi, it depends on the load switch used on custom carrier board. Please check that first to confirm if the load switch supports current more than 500mA.

Yes it does, we can support more current from a hardware perspective.

The it should not be the Jetson side issue since the load switch can support more than 500mA and its output current is not controlled by Jetson . It looks like the device side configuration issue.

I am under the impression that the USB controller on the host (Jetson) must communicate on the data bus to the downstream device the amount of power to source. This is not the case?


What you are talking about seems not a common request. I don’t think we have any existing software configuration that can do what you need here.

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