Conversational AI - Healthcare

As part of my upcoming internship evaluation with Life Singularity, I’m exploring the potential of Omniverse to create immersive patient experiences. I’m especially keen to understand how I can rapidly construct realistic scenes within Omniverse, possibly even with or without needing to create them first in Unity or Unreal engine.

A key focus of my project involves creating real-time conversational AI. I am particularly interested in the Omniverse AI Conversation Engine (ACE) capabilities (Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine ACE | NVIDIA Developer | NVIDIA Developer) as it appears to have potential for creating interactive and immersive healthcare simulations.

Furthermore, I would also appreciate any insights you can share about integrating external APIs, such as ChatGPT, within the Omniverse environment. Given its AI conversational abilities, integrating ChatGPT could greatly enhance the user experience and realism of the healthcare simulations I am planning to develop.