Convert a TFLite model to .etlt or tensor-rt engine file for Xavier NX

Hello Everyone, I would like to know is there a way possible to convert a .tflite model to a tensor-rt engine or an .etlt model for running on Xavier NX.

Looking forward to your reply !!

HI @anshul12256
"convert a .tflite model to a tensor-rt engine " ==> I’m not familar about tflite model, but I think this is possible, the path is firstly converting to onnx, and the build TRT engine with onnx model
"convert a .tflite model to .etlt model " ==> this is not possible, etlt is actually an encrypted uff or onnx model which encryption method is NVIDIA private.

Hello @mchi,
Thank you for your reply. I would like to request you to guide me as to how to convert the .tflite model to onnx model and then build the TRT engine with the onnx model.

Looking forward to your reply

both of these are 3rd party, please search the conversion solution on ethernet.

Ok Thanks

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Thanks! I’m closing this, please feel free to file a new topic if you have other DeepStream question.

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