Convert hdf5 yolov3 model to onnx

I’m converting tensorflow yolov3_resnet18 model(.hdf5) to onnx. I’m encountering below error with the attached command line below:

Error log:

Let me know any changes to be incorporate in the code. Appreciate your time

May I know that if you are running the Colab notebook?

Yes. I’m running on colab notebook

Please refer to the solution mentioned in Unable to export hdf5 to etlt after Tao Training on Colab - #11 by Morganh.

The solution works. Is this the same way for converting the classification resnet18.hdf5 model to ONNX while running on colab?

Thanks for your time

Yes, in colab, you can use the same way.

Please check the path to the spec file. It is not found.

How do we save the inference, training, export, evaluate python codes of a specific notebook in colab ?

For example: In yolov3 notebook, how to save code?