Converting Openpose Body 25 model to Tensorrt

Have anyone successfully converted Openpose Body 25 model to tensorrt.

This example has only body-18 keypoints.

I was able to run openpose body 25 model in Jetson Nano with 6-7 FPS but if I would be able to convert it to Tensorrt then I might get more.

Any links or references related to this would be really helpful.


Sorry that we don’t have too much experience on the body-25 model.
But here are some data for the body-18 version.

It can reach around 22 fps with resnet18 feature extractor on Nano.

Not sure if openpose has the benchmark data for both body-18 and body-25.
If yes, you can roughly calculate the expected fps for body-25 on Nano.

More, in case you don’t know.
You can maximize the device performance with the following command:

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 0
$ sudo jetson_clocks