ConvertJetson Nano to Brain-Computer interface

Hello, my name is Ildar, Ph.D., brain-computer interfaces developer.
This open-sources shield was created to convert Jetson Nano to Brain-Computer interfaces.
New Bitmap Image.bmp (643.1 KB)
It is better than we have in the market because with the CUDA library we can use machine learning tools to work with real-time EEG data using the CUDA library.
Can be used for teaching computer science to students and schoolchildren in the world, therefore the shield will be a great addition to introduce students to both the world of EEG and algorithms for real-time signal processing on real data. At the same time, the device has one of the best data transfer rates, since the data directly from the ADC is sent to the processor for processing, bypassing conventional radio transmitters.

source - GitHub - HackerBCI/EEG-with-JetsonNano: Open-Source. With deep learning to neuroscience world with shield for jetson nano - JNEEG (In progress)

Some examples, of how this device can be used
New Bitmap Image - Copy.bmp (1.2 MB)

Thanks for the sharing.

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