Cookies must be accepted!


I tried to login to download the software but it says: “Cookies must be accepted”!

Well I tried to set the security to lowest, to set up the cookies to be accepted. I tried everything but it continue to say that I cannot accept cookies. It’s weird because I tried and under Linux with lynx. It said again the same.

Please help me!

Angel Dimitrov

p.s. if you have the answer of this question I will be happy to receive the answer on angel.dimitrov @ stormlab . net (faster way).

Hi Angel,

To enable authentication, we require users to allow cookies. Please consult your browser’s documentation for information about how to enable cookies.


sorry for old topic “ressurection”, but i have the same problem.

cookies ARE enabled. The proof of it is that I CAN login into this members forum, and I CAN set “remember me” and everything works just fine and i’m “remembered”.

But the other weird thing is that on another machine the problem doesn’t occur :/. I cannot find the reason of this bug and i cannot get to download options.

I run win2k sp4, IE6.

it’s just a remark, i used another machine to access downloads.