cookTriangleMesh error

I’m trying to cook some triangle meshes for expansive terrain and I’m getting the following error

PhsyX SDK Error: TriangleMesh: triangles are too big, reduce their size to increase simulation stability! : …\PhysXCooking\src\InternalTriangleMeshBuilder.cpp(249)

First off, why does stability suffer with fewer and larger triangles? Is there a way to ignore that check?

I don’t want to tesselate things arbitrarily without some kind of knowledge of what the expectations of this are, so is there any additional information that would help me narrowly target the tesselation to the problem triangles?

I think these warnings only shows in CHECKED version of physx.If you just want to remove these errors you can link to another version of physx lib.

about triangle size I’m not sure how physx works internally but most physic engines sort triangles in some sort of tree like octree to improve the collision detection.A large triangle can not be sub divide to this structures and it may decrease the performance