Cooling Jetson Nano on quadcopter

I’m planning on putting a Nano 2GB on a small quadcopter to do some vision based navigation using an Intel Real Sense Depth Camera.
Making the payload/ mass as small as possible is a worry… is a 40x40mm fan “enough” to cool the Nano?
I found this thread that talks about powering up the fan … but not how well it works.

I have built a racing drone with a 2GB Nano I have a custom frame I don’t use cooling it’s not really needed even under full load. Turning off fan power all together actually produces less heat and gives more over head for powering GPIO and CPU/GPU. I even was going to cast my own heat sink in copper but using a more efficient material for size gives you a higher density so you really don’t save anything besides some space. If you get sintered copper tubes that might be the best bet for cooling. I still work on my project it’s pretty far along. I have a mamba flight controller and jetson nano and Gemfan sponsors me. I use FlightOne Falco but can use any FC software. I am making my own autonomous software instead of using what is already on the market.

Also the real sense depth cam isn’t the best option IMO but I have seen others using it. CSI cameras are much faster.

Don’t expect coding help though everything i’m doing is proprietary

have a model recommendation?

Personally I am using the arducam 8mp camera hat array they make a lot of cameras there are other jetson camera makers though. when you use these things though it’s not always plug and play so check the documentation make sure its for you.

This camera has been problematic for me I have had 3 before it worked right. First one stopped working, second worked but not after first run, the third works. So it wasted a lot of my time. Also you have to split the image and resize it because they hack 2 images into 1 and send it over the channel. And I can really only use the 60fps and scale it down.

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