Copper Presentation from MT 27520

Hi, I have a QNAP NAS with a Mellanox 10GBe MT27520 card in it. The presentation from the card is optical - can I replace this with a copper one - and if so, what particular one is supported?


Hello Ciaran,

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Based on the information provided, you are running a QNAP NAS for which the answer needs to be provided through QNAP as they certify our adapters for their solutions.

Basically the adapter itself does not limit the use of DAC (Direct Attached Copper), maybe there is a SFP optical transceiver inserted which shows that the adapter is optical, but you can remove the transceiver and insert a DAC into the port.

Looking at their website → , you should be able to obtain a DAC cable from them which is suitable for your needs →

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~Mellanox Technical Support