Copy entire jetson to another


I was wondering what the most efficient way is to copy an entire Jetson to another one. Including all the modifications/custom packages that are installed. Are there any utilities available that can do this? I have a lot of custom stuff set up to make OpenCV4Tegra work with ROS and it would be an ordeal to have to do all that every time I set up a new Jetson. Ideally, I would like to just copy everything from one Jetson to another.

Thanks in advance!


This process is known as ‘cloning’ the Jetson image. On the Jetson wiki:

Here’s an article and video about what to expect during the process if you used JetPack to originally flash the Jetson:

Hopefully you have two Jetsons to try it out the first time, it’s a little scary to wipe out the original just for testing.

If you want to clone everything on your Jetson including kernel, use nvflash --rawdeviceread and --rawdevicewrite, located in Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader directory on your host machine that you are flashing your Jetson’s from. This will make a carbon copy of your Jetson.

Thanks a lot, I will try this and report back with results!


Btw this worked flawlessly, completely forgot to let you guys know…