Copy speed gradually decreases maybe due to GPU

Hey all,
I have a year old MSI gaming laptop:
My configuration is:
1 TB HDD with16 GB of intel Optane
8 GB of RAM and USB 3.0

Some months ago I tried to install Nvidia CUDA driver…and it failed to install some patch.
So I read it in a blog to uninstall and remove all Nvidia drivers and software…but without uninstalling I just went to program files and deleted the folder that said Nvidia and the installation was a success. I didn’t bother to check what went wrong. But after a few months, I had an issue when I try to copy/move some files the speed starts at 100 MBPS and gradually decreases to 10 MBPS and later to 10 KBPS. If I disconnect my charger from my laptop(if incase while moving I had it connected to a power source) I get a speed surge for 5 sec or so to the normal speed and later it goes off to the slow speed.

I tried resetting my windows even formatting c drive and reinstalling windows but nothing did the trick.
Can anyone give me a solution, please…I have been facing this issue for several months now.

CUDA is not involved in copying files on your system, neither is the GPU.

If anything, it sounds like your CPU may be overheating and throttling the system. Or your disk subsystem may be messed up (running out of space, fragmented, etc.) These are really just guesses or speculation.