Copying text in Omni UI Doc


This may not be the right place for the Omniverse Create topic, but I’ll post it here.

In Omniverse Create and Omniverse Code, the documents are displayed in “Omni UI Doc”.
While this is useful, is it possible to copy the text on this documents?
I am not a good reader of English, so I often paste text into an automatic translator to understand it.
Currently, when I use this Omni UI Doc, it takes me a long time to understand…
Sorry for the personal issues.

HI @ft-lab! This is the perfect place to post your concern. I definitely understand how difficult Omniverse code can be for someone who does not speak English! Ideally, we want our code to be easy to read and understandable no matter what language you use. I will make sure that our development team is aware of your concern.

When you ask “is it possible to copy the text on this documents?” Do you mean you’d like the ability to export the text? If you have any suggestions on how we can make our documentation easier for you to use, please let me know!

Hi @WendyGram,
Thank you for your kind reply!
Even if the developer (As for me) doesn’t speak English, I can understand the code of the program without difficulty, so it’s not difficult here.

Oh, I see, I did not provide enough information.

As for the program code, I was able to copy it by right-clicking the mouse and selecting “Copy Code”.

This is great!

In the explanatory text, I often find that I have to translate some parts of the text to understand it, as I am not good at English.

For a document in a web browser, select and copy this text and store it in the clipboard.
It is then pasted into Google/DeepL translation for translation.
Since I want to follow the flow of the text as it is in Omni UI Doc, I want to “copy partial text and store it in the clipboard”.
If the specification is to export text, it may be more difficult to understand.

Omni UI Doc can be interacted with smoothly on Omniverse.
I found the Omni UI Doc to be much better for learning than a web browser document.
It would also be useful to have a text search function on Omni UI Doc.

Thank you @ft-lab! I updated your request with the information you provided. (For your reference, internal ticket #OM-44034)

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Hi @WendyGram,
Thank you!

Hi @ft-lab! I wanted to let you know that we just released a new App for developers, “Omniverse Code”. Here is a link to the forum post announcement. [APP RELEASE] Omniverse Code (Beta)

I am hoping that this makes things easier for you to understand. Please give it a try and let me know!

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Hi WendyGram,
Thanks for the info on the Omniverse Code!
I’ve already checked out the Omniverse Code, and it’s been enhanced so much!
I’m checking the implementation of Curve support in Kit 103, especially the enhancements around Viewport.

I haven’t been able to keep up with it yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing the Omniverse Code session at GTC 2022.

Hello Thanks for the feedback we will look into way to copy that text in general
but notes that all those files are in md format in the extensions itself so it is really easy to get to the text

still we will surface a option here, maybe we should have
“Translate” << that send it to google Translate directly :)

Thank you for your reply.
Regarding Translate, Google Translate is not very accurate.
(DeepL is often used for Japanese)

Personally, I may have no problem with English only.
currently, automatic translation of text is often not expected.

Thank you @ft-lab! I have brought this concern up with our documentation team. We are working on ways to make our documentation more accessible to all languages.

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(Your request has been made into a development ticket. OM-63859: Copying text in Omni UI Doc)

Thank you!
Some, including myself, can manage as long as we get the text in English.
However, there seems to be a reality that in some countries, English is a distancing factor (Japan probably could be, …).
Multilingual support is a difficult problem.
I am also looking forward to the development of AI ;)