Copyright or license of the developer kit design

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been using the Xavier NX Carrier Board Design Package (P3509_A01) from the downloads page as a reference for my own carrier board design. Does the reference design from NVIDIA have copyright or is it under creative commons license or any other license? I am not using my own design for commercial purposes, instead I would like to publish a open-source design.

Kind regards,


I’m glad you found the files useful. We share the reference designs “as-is” for anyone to use when designing a carrier board, whether for commercial purposes or to contribute back to the community as you are planning.


Thank you very much! Would you know if there is a license, for example creative commons, where you have to mention the author?


I’ve requested help getting some type of permissive open source license included for all of our reference design collateral, per our intention shared in comment #2.

I don’t know exactly what that license will be, but maybe it makes sense for you to mention in your design the source document and version for whatever parts you copy or use as reference. Such a reference might help the engineer using your design files if we were ever to update our design collateral with a change relevant to that part.