Cordial request for support - I need to add drivers for the Android TV Pie 9.0 image to the webcam

Hello, I am a beginner and junior adept - a person who is familiar with the Android system. I have an Nvidia Shield TV console at home. I need to add the missing drivers to the Android Pie 9 image to support the Webcam device which I connect to the USB port.
I am writing to you with a heartfelt request for your support. Please send me in response which Android tool should I open the Android TV Pie 9 image, i.e. the latest Android version available for the Nvidia Shield TV console. I urgently need to compile the missing drivers to support the webcam that I connect via the USB cable.

I.m today Connected this WebCam to Cable to port USB. Please Look this Screen.

My WebCam lit the LEDs white - please more help. This webcam lit up with LED diodes - because it gets power from the USB port - informs that I myself have created the LED diodes on the LED light control wheel. Please help me. I need to compile the drivers for the Android image that is in the Nvidia Shield TV console. Send me the best Android OS Pie 9 image driver compilation tool - this is Android TV Pie 9 for Nvidia Shield TV.

My Camera has the following parameters:

Please send me Tool to Open Image Android OS TV Pie 9 to Device Nvidia Shield TV 2017 model P2897 - Model Console Nvidia.

I am sending Edit Image Full Spec WebCam

I’m send edit image - Model Box Console.