Cores vs. Multiprocessors, confused

I was trying to understand how many ‘cores, processors, compute units’ or whatever my card has (GeForce 9800M GTS) :">

deviceQuery says that I have 8 multiprocessors (which I think I understand), and 64 cores (which confuses me).

does this mean that I have 64 cores per multiprocessor (so 512 ‘compute units’), or does it mean that I have 8 cores per multiprocessor (and hence 64 total ‘compute units’).

thanks; hope this isn’t a repeat question…

It is ;) Section 3.1 of the programming guide.

A multiprocessor consists of 8 ALU’s. In 4 clock cycles they process a WARP of 32 threads. So your card has 64 ALU’s in total.

But this is not really something to ‘worry’ about. You can in general say performace scales with the number of multiprocessors (when ignoring the very big influence of global memory speed)

Okay, thanks, that helps. I guess now I’m even more impressed at some of the speedups, since I thought I had 512 ‘cores’., but I only have 64. Basically 64 little tiny scientists crunching on numbers at very high speed sitting inside the computer, in groups of 8, each directed by one of 8 task masters to work on a single project of size 32 in 4 steps before switching to another… hmmm