Coresight debug in Terga K1 SoC does not work


I am trying to make use of the Coresight components of the Terga K1 SoC, however, I cannot really enable them. The Terga K1 SoC TRM tells that the Secure Boot Processor Feature Configuration Register located at address 0x6000c208 controls the debug signals, but writing to the [4:0] bits of this register does not work.

I am using the Nexus 9 which is integrated with Terga K1 SoC, I wrote a kernel module to write to the Secure Boot Processor Feature Configuration Register. When I try to read back the value after the writing, I found that the value does not change at all. Does any one happen to know what the problem is?

Thanks for any help and discussion!


Hi ningzhenyu22,

Even that’s Terga K1 SoC inside, but we’re not able to provide the suggestion.