Coresight PTM on Jetson TX2


I’m trying to use Coresight PTM to do a trace on TX2. Following the instructions given here:

I was able to capture some data, but I’m stuck trying to figure out where to find the mem_parser tool mentioned in this documentation?

I know that Linaro did an integration of Coresight OpenCSD library into perf, which also supports Coresight PMU. Is anything like this supported by L4T?

Also has anyone had any experience with this or made it to work on Jetson?

Thank you.

Have a try this attached. Remove the “.txt” for executable
mem_parser.txt (261 KB)

Thank you @ShaneCCC

Is this made by nVidia? Is there source code available? I see that I can only run it on the host and not on the Jetson board :( I really need to analyze the traces on the target itself. is there a solution for this ?

Please try this for tegra.

mem_parser_arm.txt (280 KB)