Correct/Best Tutorial for my purpose? (Camera Detection + Logfile)

Hello there,

I finally got my Jetson TX2 and I installed Jetpack 3.2 without any problems.

After taking a look for tutorials, I totally got lost. There are so many tutorials, which cover certain aspects, but I am looking for the correct/best tutorial that fits my purpose. I want to achieve this:

If Jetson TX2 detects a certain object in the camera it should write the object name into a log file.
Example: Holding an orange in front of the camera -> “Orange detected” is written into a log file.

I want to start with such a “simple task” to totally understand the system.

Currently I found this tutorial, which looks very promising:

Any idea which tutorial would fit for my purpose? Is the one I found correct? How would you (experts) start with this task?


Jetson_inference is good for your use-case.

It’s recommended to start from running the DetectNet sample with a pre-trained model here: