Correct place to report issues downloading drivers

This morning there was a problem downloading from

The issue varied from CURL timing out after downloading 33% of the file, to the MD5 of the downloaded data varying on each download.

The problem appears to have been resolved. Where should this sort of issue be reported in the future?

Hi Jason,

This is the best place to report issues with our Developer sites. I am letting the Developer team know about this so they can dig in and find out what went wrong.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Great! Thanks Tom!

I’m now having success building on the servers using:
curl --max-time 10 --retry 5 --retry-delay 10 --silent --location \ +%s) > drivers.tbz2

$ sha512sum drivers.tbz2
da3771cffa01ad02e0bb0f96cd3284bcec770e8a9135f3f83929c0711912aa1f998938e7507b24802b4b557bea85c1e0377c5e72e3ca73d748a33798e5384bd9 drivers.tbz2

Great to hear!


Hi dev team
I need to install cuda with drvivers on Windows 10. Still I don’t want to turn off digital signature verification. Tried to install manually sertificates from exe:

still no success. There is option where to import included certificates. I choose autodetect (depending on certificate type)
Do these certificates have digital signature and if so, where are they supposed to be?

Hi Chavdar,

I suggest that you post your question to the “Driver” forum. This forum is meant to be for reporting issues with our Developer and Community sites. There are experts in the other forum that can offer more information.