Correct steps to run Jetson TX1 SOM (module) without the development kit.


I just recently ordered Jetson TX1 without a development kit and this is my first time ever to start working on Nvidia Jetson GPU mini computers. I made some research for the past two days and can someone point me if I will be doing the steps correctly? Basically, my end goal is to be able to install librealsense (D435 depth camera), ROS and perform some navigation.
First things first, I have purchased these:

  • Module itself -
  • Carrier -
  • Fan/Cooler -
  • 32 GB sd card.
  • So, these are the steps I am planning to do:

  • Install JetsonPack 3.2 (L4T 28.2) for TX1 and go with a standard installation.
  • I guess I need to run a carrier specific firmware from here ?
  • Install again JetsonPack 3.2 but choosing Flash OS Image to Target and run firmware scripts from Jetson itself, the full example is being taken from here:
  • As it would eat my 15 GB eMMC storage, I will make my 32 GB SD card to be a boot and primary storage using this example:
  • Run the kernel patch? (Do I need this step?)
  • After all that, I should be ready to install librealsense and ROS kinetic. Both of them (scripts) will be used from here and ROS will be installed as usual.
  • Can you point if I will be doing the steps correctly?

    hello abyl.ikhsanov,

    please refer to [Development Guide] for details.
    basically, you should have you own customization, please refer to BSP Customization chapter to have details.
    you may also check Flashing and Booting the Target Device chapter to understand how to flash your image to the device.