Correspondence Points not Sticking To My Custom Blendshape

Hi, I’m having an issue where my custom blendshape head model isn’t picking up any correspondence points I’m placing on it - my OpenMouth Mark in the same scene is picking up it’s tagging points though.
This is all part of a bigger issue I’m having trying to get my custom blendshape head to pick up the animation after setting up the blendshape conversion (it seemingly works as it’s picking up it’s poses when I press Blendshape Solve but there’s no movement on my head model) - from reading through the forums it looks like I have to set up the character transfer first and then the solve? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yes that is correct. First you want to setup the Character Transfer

So the audio2face Digital Mark character is driving your character face (just the face mesh)

Then after it is driving the character face, do the blendshape conversion setup with your face + all the blendshape import as usdskel file (you can do that through Maya Connector) and the blendshape conversion will drive that blendshape setup with the blendshape conversion setup.

Let us know if that works.

Thank you that helped! I was following the tutorials too closely - using the mark head to blendshape convert from rather than my own custom head mesh to my custom blendshape setup.

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