Corrupted filesystems on the sd-cards of Orin-Nano 8GB

We currently experience filesystem corruptions on the sd-cards of multiple Orin Nano 8GB. Is there an sd-card you can recommend?

No, we don’t have the recommanded brand, the requiement is 64GB UHS-1 or bigger microSD card.

I would also suggest that if shutdown is not from a proper software shutdown, then it would not matter what brand you use. Make sure shutdown is not from a power loss.

Yes, we consider that already. It might be the root cause for a certain share of corruptions but not all of them.

Are you talking about you got an issue that the fs will corrupt by itself with no reason?

Yes. We had fs corruptions on devices where we are not aware of improper shutdown. That’s why I was interested in a specific brand you guys are using.

Do you have a serial console boot log from one of the failures? Also, are these development kits by NVIDIA, or do they use a third party carrier board?

I can’t recommend a specific SD card, but usually any failure will occur early on (often on first boot). The ones I’ve had best luck with though are Samsung, and I’ve also had success with Kingston. Be sure to buy from a reputable source as well, since some of the really low cost versions which look like they are name brand are counterfeit (“if it looks too good to be true…”).

Also, the very first time you see corruption, if you can get the log files during that boot, and with serial console it would help, but these files could help on a bootable system:

  • /var/log/syslog
  • /var/log/kern.log
  • /var/log/dmesg

The point is to get logs as the issue occurs during boot (there may be an attempt to repair), or else immediately after boot without any intervening boots. I’m really suspicious of filesystem corruption being software based since it occurs on multiple systems, but only if they are all dev kits. If they are all dev kits, then you might have the right idea to switch SD card brands.

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Yes, these are the NVIDIA Orin Nano 8GB devkits. One kit collapsed second time within a couple days but unfortunately the SD-Card was already wiped. I will follow your advise on the next incidence.

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