Cortex double indexing

In the cortex extension there is a bug when using custom robots for the going home function.

In on line 244

    def step(self):
        aji =  # Active joint indices
        home_config =[aji]
        target_T =
        eff_T =

home_config is already indexed using aji. Then in the next line get_fk_T reindexes the same list

        if config is None:
            # No active joints config was specified, so fill it in with the current applied action.
            action = self.robot.get_applied_action()
            config = np.array(action.joint_positions)

        active_joints_config = config[self.aji]

This causes error when using a robot where not all of the joints are active for a given controller

You’re right. Thanks for letting us know. We’ll get that fixed in the next release.

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