Cost Effective GPU for student

I am currently working on a project in my final year of engineering which is to recognize human facial emotion by classifying it into 7 categories. I am thinking of using Neural Networks of classification images for training using 30K samples. Since I am still studying and not earning, can you please tell me a cost effective GPU to train the model. If you have any suggestions for classification please tell those also.

I am currently working on a laptop having Nvidia MX150 GPU with 4GB of GDDR5 dedicated graphics memory and 8 GB of RAM.

Thank You.

I’ve done some training using the NVIDIA Jetson Nano which has a Maxwell GPU. RAM is very tight, but if you don’t have a PC already and are on a tight budget this might work for you?

Actually after looking up the MX150, that’s an even better Pascal based GPU. Your laptop should be plenty capable.