Could anyone help me with testing on multi-GPU? Need to see if it can work on multi-GPU

Could anyone help me with testing on multi-GPU on 64bit OS?
Both symmetrical and non-symmetrical configurations are interesting (i.e. with cards of different type, like 8600GT & 8800GTX)

  1. Download (precompilled windows 64-bit executable). I did checked it with my antivirus, but I am not saying not to check it on your antivirus.
  2. Extract anywhere
  3. run md5_bruteforcer
  4. Enter 21685d282d79098b89bdf5a916b66c90
  5. Enter 2
  6. Wait for ~5-10 seconds, copy console content and post here

I would really appreciate this :-)

PS: I guess nVidia could setup sandbox with some hardware so that developers can submit their applications for automated testing (with 60 seconds execution limit).

Just to save people some time: The zip file contains a precompiled Windows executable. So Linux users and people who don’t like running exe files from strangers shouldn’t bother. :)

Thanks, updated header.

Let me explain why I need it:

I’ve found guys with CUDA supercomputer (4* 9800GX2) to benchmark this thing, but I cannot use supercomputer to verify if it works :-) Most likely I would be unable to send it to them several times if it would fail at first time :-)

I can post some dual 9800 GX2 results after I get my MB back from RMA this week. If you had a linux build, I could run it on the tesla D870 too.

What CUDA version does the exe use? CUDA 2.0 beta or CUDA 2.0 beta 2?
Edit: I do have 3 9800 GX2’s laying around, but I don’t think I’ve got a big enough power supply for that.

SDK it is still a beta, probably even beta 1 (just had no issues) :-)

I will need to port to Linux some time, but right now I am not sure I can do a linux build in 8 hours :-)

You must be using beta1, the program runs fine with the 174.55 drivers on Vista64.

Here is the output with a single GPU of a 9800 GX2.


+ BarsWF MD5 bruteforcer v0.3 +

+ by Svarychevski Michail    +


+ GPU0:  275958.226 ash/sec                                 +

+                                                           +

+ CPU*:  289077.082 ash/sec    GPU*:  ........ MHash/sec    +


+ Key : ??gOEQHS              Total:  289077.082 ash/sec    +

+ Hash: 21685d282d79098b89bdf5a916b66c90                    +


Edit: oops, I forgot that the vista drivers require a display to be connected to every GPU that will run CUDA programs. I only have one display, so I can’t test multi-GPU for you sorry.