Could I get a response from a NVIDIA moderator please?

I would just like to know why there isn’t driver support for the R8152 which is the gigabit ethernet port on the TX1 dev kit (p2371-2180) during U-boot for network booting. I’m asking because isn’t L4T release wholly dedicated to the TX1 dev kit and all the modules that are used by the dev kit thus driver support should be available?
Or is it because U-boot is independent from Nvidia so there’s no one at Nvidia working much on the drivers for the Dev-kit in the U-boot environment.

Hi teg5926,

The USB used for Ethernet requires loading of the NVIDIA XHCI firmware to enable the host port. This was implemented in the Linux kernel, but was not implemented within U-Boot. The kernel implementation and provided firmware could be used as a reference. As well, the u-USB (flashing) port can be used with a USB-Ethernet dongle, or PCIe Ethernet can be used.
To have this feature implemented within U-Boot, it’s under planning, however there is no firm schedule yet.
I will share the information once any clear status update for this feature.