Could I get nvarguscamerasrc source code?


Could I get nvarguscamerasrc source code?
If it is possible, How can I get nvarguscamerasrc source code?

Thank you.

Sorry to tell that’s not provided to customer.
Misunderstood the requirement to another source file.


@kayccc , I am curious. What do you mean? Last time I checked the gst-nvarguscamerasrc plugin code could be downloaded as part of the Jetson Linux BSP sources here. At least for previous releases it is the case I am not sure if that is not possible now.

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hello yhlee1,

you may check Jetson Linux Archive | NVIDIA Developer to download the [Driver Package (BSP) Sources].
there’s package, gst-nvarguscamera_src.tbz2 which contain the nvarguscamerasrc sources.

let me revise what @kayccc mentioned.
you may see-also Camera Architecture Stack. the sources within [Camera Core] is not public available.

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